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Broker-Dealer Management Team

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Paul Cantor
Vincent Iannuzzi
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Steglitz
Municipal Compliance Officer
Donna Fiorini
Chief Compliance Officer
Joseph Weiss
AML & Trading Compliance Officer
Ginny Clark
Managing Director, Institutional Trading Desk

Paul Cantor

Paul Cantor

Paul serves as the firm’s chairman and president, directing a team of highly experienced advisors and portfolio managers. Paul has been an investment manager and portfolio strategist since 1968. He is responsible for financial planning and portfolio strategies. He also oversees the management of the firm’s special fund group. Paul received his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College, a law degree from Columbia University and pursued a post-graduate specialization in taxation at New York University.

He has served on the boards of a number of public and private corporations and numerous charities. He is most proud of several institutions that he co-founded which have grown considerably over the years, including The Women’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that acts as a voice for women and a force for change; Her Justice, which offers hope to low-income women who need free legal services; and the Paul Taylor Dance Company.

He currently serves on the boards of Bomb, a quarterly arts and culture magazine, Edge Theater Company in New York City, and The Alex Fund, a nonprofit organization that educates young children in Eastern Europe.