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Broker-Dealer Management Team

Beech Hill Securities

Paul Cantor
Vincent Iannuzzi
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Steglitz
Municipal Compliance Officer
Donna Fiorini
Chief Compliance Officer
Joseph Weiss
AML & Trading Compliance Officer
Ginny Clark
Managing Director, Institutional Trading Desk

Donna Fiorini, CRCP

Donna Fiorini

Donna joined the firm in 1987 having been previously employed by Lehman Brothers and Drexel Burnham. During her tenure Donna has been actively involved in all aspects of our business. Ms. Fiorini is recognized by FINRA as a Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional through the successful completion of her studies at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Donna loves the theater, opera and ballet. She resides in Farmingville, NY with her husband and five children.